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BCTerms 已支持@ 功能.

Posted by – January 2, 2020

Now BCTerms supports @7000102232 <question> function:
just @7000102232 from a group chat, and say something/keyword to him.

He will answer you like you use Google.
You just need add BCTerms as a group member.

For not interrupt other member in group, BCTerms currently only support query function.
If you wanna full functions of BCTerms, just chat with him privately. Thanks.

BCTerms 现在支持@7000102232 <关键字>   功能了:

你只需要在组内@他说话即可, @一下,你就知道。就像你使用Google一样。

为了不打扰其他群内成员,BCTerms目前只支持 查询功能。
如果想使用更多功能,请直接和 BCTerms 私聊。

Details see this video.

BCTerms(区块链词条机器人) i18n & simplify & friendly to users.

Posted by – December 29, 2019

1. BCTerms now both support English and Chinese.
BCTerms 现在支持中英文了。也就是支持全球化了。
2. BCTerms now simplify operation, and friendly to you guys.
BCTerms 现在进一步简化操作, 对大家更友好。