A foreign girl quiting email

Posted by – September 3, 2010

A quiting email from a foreign girl:
Refers to:
Happy Monday everybody!
I quit!
I’ve learned a lot these past 2 years and I’m going to miss all of you.
execpt one I’m looking @ you Spencer.
Being your assistant’s been a special hell.
I put up with your temper and your bad breath.
Becuase I wanted to be a broker.
On Friday I transferred you a call, I was about to hang up when I
heard you call me a HOPA.
Hot Piece Of Ass.
Is that really all you thought of me?
Did you ever wonder… Why everybody in the office called the trash
a garbage diSpenver?
Office Morale is down since you installed the ‘Littel office switch.
So you could monitor how we spend our time  noline.
So I wondered “How dose Spencer spend hist time online?
You gave Me the codes after all.
4 hrs./week Scottrade
5.3 hrs./week TechCrunch
and Drumro!!!
19.7 hrs./week playing FARMVILLE.
So this HPOA’s Moving on
although I don’t have another job.
Something tells Me I’ll be just fine

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